Table BBQ

Prepare for a true island tradition! Every Thursday we offer our island's only Table BBQ and the phenomenon has already become one of the most popular culinary surprises on the island.
You get your own fully prepared BBQ on your table and a choice of meat, chicken and fish, supplemented with vegetables and salad, sauces and sandwiches. Enjoy your own grill talent while enjoying live music or DJs on the beach. There is no other dining experience like this on Bonaire.
Especially in September, October and November the BBQs are subject to the weather conditions, because with too much wind, it is because of smoke and sparks that it can be less fun to barbecue!

Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party at the Hang Out Beach Bar can almost be called worls famous. Property managers of holiday accommodation on Bonaire are regularly asked when the "FMP" is scheduled to take place, so they can take it into account when booking their villa or apartment!
Every month on Sunday, the Sunday closest to the full moon phase, at 3pm the DJs, who often are from abroad, begin to spin their mellow sounds at the Full Moon Party, on the beach.
Our guests are dancing with their feet in the sand and we provide the perfect atmosphere with often special cocktail bars, stands with special sparkling wines or for example fire-eaters.
Are you planning your trip to our small island, you really should take into account the date of the Full Moon Party. It is worth it!

Live Music

At the Hang Out Beachbar we always let nice chill out music flow through our speakers, but what is better than enjoying your cocktail or other drink, on your beach bed or at the bar, listening to a fantastic live act? With some regularity we have, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, live music ranging from cover bands to an André Hazes (Dutch folk singer) impersonator. Please regularly check our Facebook page because we make all the announcements there first!